FIRE DOOR SAFETY WEEK DAY 2 – Security and installation

Fire Doors – Security and installation

Written by Wayne Humphreys, Director, VLine Doorsets Ltd. ©

The correct installation of a doorset is imperative to ensure that the performance of the doorset and the wall are maintained. It is recommended that the installer is a competent person with adequate training and a third-party certification. Efficiency and price are important factors, but contractors and installers must apply a very careful selection method when choosing the installation medium. Due diligence must also be undertaken when reading the certification of the doorset/medium to ensure that the finished product is fully compliant. A fire doorset is part of a system along with the wall and the installation medium (packers, fire seals, fire foams, mastics etc.) utilised to ‘stop gap’ the area behind the door frame and the wall.

Key points to look out for:

  • Has the medium been successfully tested on a doorset?
  • Was the test completed to either BS 476 pt 22 or BS EN 1634-1 standards?
  • Was the length of the fire test equal to or longer than the fire rating of the door (e.g. 30min+ in case of an FD30 doorset)?
  • Are there any recommendations as a result of the fire test in the fire test report?
  • Does the certification supplied with the installation medium cover your install rating, size, smoke and sound attenuation performances?

To ensure safety and compliance, all VLine doorsets can be supplied with Blue60 fire foam and non-combustible packer system, which is also used when fire testing any of our products. Our doors also include Door Data Systems pin that stores the warranty, certification and installation guides for immediate access by the site team. The pin can also be used to store inspection and installation data. All data is accessible through Door Data Systems` own app.

Fire doorsets may have additional sound attenuating or security features (those are generally FD30 or FD60 doorsets).

Acoustic fire doors

Acoustic fire doors must have evidence of fire testing as well as comply with Approved Document E – Resistance to the passage of sound which calls for a minimum of 29dB sound reduction for apartment entrance sets as standard.

Security fire doors

Security fire doors, for example apartment entrance doorsets, should have PAS24:2016 certification. Security testing covers a set scope of attacks on the doorset. Testing includes: ironmongery used, soft body impacts, hard body impacts, application of focused pressures at key areas as well as cutting tests. These tests are applied to the “weak points” of the doorset. Ironmongery tests are steered toward manipulation of the hardware such as lock drilling, lock snapping, handle snapping and lock bolt tampering.

The specifications on the test documents must have direct linkage to the make-up of the core, the ironmongery being used and the sealing systems offered. Any variation would be a break in the certification chain.

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